Residing in the metropolis known as New York City, is an artist by the name of Xiaohe Shen.

Xiaohe’s academic and practical experiences have made her a unique artist in her own right. During her study at the Rochester Institute of Technology, she focused, not only on her fascination with silversmithing, but also broadened her journey to the fine arts as well. Since then, she has begun her work on intricate metal sculptures and mesmerizing paintings alike. Currently, working as production designer at Tiffany & Co, Xiaohe has been polishing her 3D sculpture skill in various softwares.

Xiaohe as a person has always expressed great interest in the beauty of geometry; as an artist she always strived to show the intricacies of contraction in the world through her work. Xiaohe believes that art is not simply for the appreciation of one’s eyes, but to bring about an atmosphere in which the audiences can feel and enjoy with their entire beings. Together, she strives to allow her art to form a synergy with its spectators.

Among her pieces, you will commonly find two elements which Xiaohe uses to her advantage: lines, and negative space. These two elements together, compose unique lighting and shadow effects, thus captivating her audience, allowing them to imagine and recreate her pieces, letting it speak to them directly.